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Special Solutions for Physicians

Special Solutions for Physicians
As Dilan Baransel Health Communication Consultancy, we provide communication services not only to companies but also to individual physicians.

In this sense, we plan solution-oriented communication strategies for our valuable physicians.

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1/ What do we do?
We provide consultancy services to our physicians to open a private practice and we support the internal and external brand management processes that are important in the structure they are to build.
Brand Positioning Plan

We plan what you say and how to say, we plan how you will differentiate yourself in your business.

Location Selection

We are planning the strategic location of the clinic in relation to your field.

Corporate Identity Work

We can plan the corporate logo design of your clinic and design all kinds of files, letterhead, business cards and corporate design files and prepare the partner of Dilan Baransel Health Communication Consultancy within the Aggressive Bees Digital Advertising Agency.

Styling Work

We can plan and implement the uniforms of health personel within the clinic with the styling team within the Aggressive Bees Digital Advertising Agency, which is suitable for corporate identity work.

Website and SEO Support

Aggressive Bees are implementing corporate web site design within the Digital Advertising Agency and we offer specific SEO support to the location where your clinic is opened.

Social Media Management Service

We, Dilan Baransel Health Communication Consultancy, implement the social media management of your corporation with our partner Aggressive Bees Digital Advertising Agency and provide a different, dynamic and interactive social media management service.

PR Studies

What to say? How to say? and Which media should be said? We prepare special PR studies for our physicians with the media plan we prepared through these questions.

Corporate-Specific Meetings

We are bringing our physicians together with white collar employees. In this sense, we are implementing the event management that brings our doctors together with the employees of the institution.

With these studies, we provide consultancy services for strategic communication and promotion activities of our new physicians. These communication studies are also presented to our physicians for their needs.