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Media Relations

We know the difference between being on TV and talking on TV. We spend a great deal of time with the media planning strategy, which is specially prepared to target the quality content studies that we prepared specifically for the institutions.

Digital Communication

For many years, digital media in our country have been treated by the media as stepchildren. However, the point at which we reached the digital press reached the number of unique visitors a million times a day, the circulation figures of newspapers, the oldest communication media in the print media, fell far back in this struggle.

This strengthening of digital press has shaped working models in communication agencies focused on innovation and success. If the news you serve in a digital PR study is in the style of a classic press release, it will ensure that your news coverage is low and not effective. In the digital PR study, it is not only important to publish the news, but you must also plan the area in which you want to increase access by using the targeted keywords correctly. In this sense, a classical press release should not be used in digital media, and an SEO-supported news study should be prepared in accordance with the dynamics of the digital media.

The most important reason for our agency to be successful in digital PR studies is that it dominates the dynamics of digital media and produces special point shoots.