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1/ Our Main Goal is Healthcare
Special 360 degrees solution to healthcare field

In order to be successful in a world where competition is intense, it is necessary to assimilate an area, to analyze the impacts and reactions well, and to carry the message that the audience needs.

Our team, which focuses solely on the healthcare sector, provides communication studies for the needs of the institutions and ensures that they succeed with their works.

We provide solutions for institutions in the health sector …

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Campaigns

One of the most effective solutions for brands in health communication activities is corporate responsibility campaigns.

Crisis Management

It is necessary to see the problems that may arise in the communication plan to be made before starting the communication activities related to your health field and to prepare a communication plan considering these points.

Media Relations

With the PR studies we have prepared specifically for the health sector, we do not limit the power of the column measurements and the reflection only in the media. With our PR plan we have prepared, our aim is to be seen in the right place and a PR power spoken

Training Programs for Communication Skills for Healthcare

We support organizations with real-time measurable body language and health communication trainings.

Event Management

Activity management in health communication is a detailed work that includes activities such as press conferences, opening ceremony, congress, fair organizations, competition, roadshow, dealer meetings, launch and awareness activities.

Reputation Management

Reputation management; It is the whole of the online information control and management process that is done to show the reputation of any person, brand or firm to the public in a high level.

Digital Communication

With digital PR studies, reaching the right audience is now easier and more reportable. The most important reason for the success of digital PR work is that it dominates the dynamics of digital media and this medium produces specific point shot content.

Internal Communication and Efficiency

Just as health communication requires different hardware and experience than other communication efforts, the in-house dynamics and business management of brands in this sector are also different.

Our works in healthcare

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